Thawatchai Yamsai

Игры и приложения для Apple iPhone, iPad от разработчика для iOS: Thawatchai Yamsai

Kids Math Game - Fast game math battle numbers
Plus there is a simple answer to your selection by click the answer correct and timely manner, Suitable for children to help them practice adding fluently and fast, Players compete against friends to earn points to get the highest score is the winner, Count your skill and speed to make the fight more fun.
Kids educational games - matched related
Educational games for children. This results in a matched related or unrelated. Skills and learning experiences to children as well. Gives kids the creative imagination. In the game to determine the outcome of the prosecution and the option to, Children need to select relevant results and match them correctly. You can use your free time to a close with the children. You will be happy to see the ingenuity knows things around.
Ghost Runner - Run and jump in Goldmine
The adventure is starting! Play as Ghost Pumkin, who loves to collect diamond. And to make matters worse, a gigantic rock is chasing diamond! diamond run away from the giant boulder of doom, while collecting diamond to get a perfect score! Can you survive in the perils of the secret tombs? Jump as high as you can to avoid dangerous exploding crates and enormous boulders! Ghost runner run and jump in goldmine!
Fast Math - Basic arithmetic games for children
Think Fast Math Games The quickness of brain training Meditation to consciousness Solve problems quickly There will be time set If you think you cool Try to play it
Box Tower - Puzzle Game for kids
Box Tower - Puzzle Game Games vertically arranged box Precision Training You will need both the eye and quick hands. If you miss even one bit You will lose the game. Is a game that you have to practice patience and a keen observation.
Boom Ball - monster pinball games
The monster was caught at slip by and hang pitifully. It needs to survive. You will have to help it correctly, Without it into a cone securely. You have to point the way to better help before it comes down. Below are the monsters who attacked it. A monster with the power of electricity conceivably hurt it., If it happened, then your score will decrease. It will be another monster hit on it, you will have an increased rate. When playing an...
Bird Jump - sky jumper the games
The game jumps higher The higher the jump, collect as many points., You just tilt your phone left and right to jump from one platform to another, instead of one., When you jump onto the podium to collect coins for you to score your height., Do not jump into birds in flight. It will make you fall again., When you play this game, then you will enjoy it and maybe this addictive game.
Бесплатное Руководство Skyscanner App Советы
GET цена, поиска дешевых авиабилетов Skyscanner, вдохновиться, найти именно то, что вы хотите, найти гостиницы, аренда автомобиля, это путешествие руководство содержит лучшие советы для службы Skyscanner все в одном приложении путешествия. Бесплатные...
Bad Boy Skateboard - jumping on street
The eye and brain training game Test fast and accurate touch. Play this game to relieve stress You have to skate board carefully. To avoid collisions with obstacles on the road. You have to dodge various obstacles. You can touch the screen of your phone. Jump to avoid obstacles Collect and forward to the high score. When you play this game You will enjoy the game and do not want to stop playing. You will feel like breaking your own.
Animal Match - matching pairs for kids
Соответствующие животных милые для детей. Для разработки умение запоминать и так эмпирически. как играть - Вы можете открыть слайд 2 на листе. - Найти два одинаковых фотографий, как изображения, чтобы соответствовать. - Игры будут отсчитывать...
Animal Half - Speed matching game
FREE puzzle game animal is a learning game for preschoolers. Brainer for children Just drag the puzzle pieces together. Children make good progress observation Enhance memory And visual skills
Across the street - coaching skills
От напряженного трафика Вы должны пройти через проезжающих быстро. Если вы сделаете небольшой шаг медленной смертью. В игре Тренировка навыков. Видение и фокус, а также. Поколение можно использовать в повседневной жизни. Потому что в реальной...