Yuichiro Toh

Игры и приложения для Apple iPhone, iPad от разработчика для iOS: Yuichiro Toh

Japan Map HD for Kids
Learn Japanese Map with fun! You can touch Japanese prefectures to hear the names, and check Kanji and Hiragana names. Also you can enjoy puzzle games using actual shape of Japanese prefectures.
EverLearn is an application to memorize English words using Evernote. - Import questions from Evernote - Typing to answer - Selecting answer from four selections - Sending words to Pebble E-paper watch "Academic Word List" is included in this app. Also you can add your original word lists using Evernote! URL scheme is everlearn://
Workday Countdown
This is an application to countdown workdays until a specific date. For the first launch, please set holidays from i button on the upper-left corner. URL Scheme: workdaycountdown://
"Log Locations" is an application to automatically log your visited locations. This application uses iOS4 multitasking feature and save locations as background tasks. iPod touch series are not supported. startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges API is used, so if you move some significant distance, your visited location is recorded. Save timing is depend on the API, and you cannot control it. Device with multitasking feature is...