Ian Clay

Игры и приложения для Apple iPhone, iPad от разработчика для iOS: Ian Clay

Blah is a cute app toy that uses your microphone input on your iphone to animate Blah. Children love it, adults.. not so much! Ideas for use: Appears to sing along to songs. Mimics your friends and co-workers whilst they talk (blah blah blah) Talk through Blah to entertain your children. Fun whilst listening to talk radio stations. Leave Blah running next to your laptop whilst you work, your own portable iphone friend. Own a piece of...
UK Campsite and Caravan Finder
Over 2,000 camping locations in the UK. Choose a location and find campsites nearby. Find camping and caravanning sites near your current location. Please use our app as an estimated application for proximity of campsites. Please check in advance with the campsite as some campsites may be closed.
LED Scroll Banner App
LED Scroll Banner Apo turn your iPhone or iPod into a dot matrix L.E.D Display. Type in a message and show it across the bar, in a disco, in a meeting, on a birthday, etc. Type your message and display the text as it scrolls across your device. My brother proposed to his wife using my App, and it was used in the crowd of the Olympics too! FEATURES - Lots of typefaces - Change color of foreground and background - Effects: Hearts, Camera...
Digital Alarm Clock HD
Digital Alarm Clock to wake up to. 5 Settings repeating days of the week based on a retro bedside radio alarm clock interface.