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Все игры и приложения от разработчика для iOS.

Dragon Solitaire
Variations on the popular game of Scorpion. Like Scorpion cards do NOT have to be ordered to be movable. All four variations are free-to-play, no in-app purchases. DRAGON - Build in suit. DRAGON MICE - Three reserve cards. WYRM - Build in alternate color suit. WYRM MICE - Three reserve cards.
Doublet Cell Solitaire
Match up cards that are identical in rank and color. Use the cache spots carefully to stash cards that are in your way. Both games are fully functional and free-to-play, no in-app purchases. In the Classic game no building on the tableau is allowed. In the Build game the tableau builds UP and DOWN in matching suit.
Double Klondike Solitaire
This is a two-deck game of the classic Klondike. All four variations are free-to-play. No in-app purchases. STRICT - only allow Kings on an empty columns. RELAXED - allows any card on an empty column. 3-CARD - unlimited passes through the deck 3 cards at a time. 1-CARD - one pass through the deck 1 card at a time.
Double Canfield Solitaire
Two-Deck Canfield solitaire which is much easier to win than its one-deck counterpart. All four variations are free-to-play, no in-app purchases. CLASSIC - Tableau columns build down in Alternate Colors. NAKED - Reserve pile is revealed. RELAXED - Tableau columns build down in Mixed Suits. FLEX - Empty tableau columns are [not] automatically filled.
Domino Square
Place colored dominoes in a 5x5 grid to make the best dice combination sets. Each row and each column is scored. Domino pips come in 3 colors. Black, red & blue. Standard 5-Dice Set scoring is: - Any like pair scores 1 point. - Any consecutive pair (2-3 for instance) scores 1 point. - Any like colored pair scores 1 point. - A Full House increases the multiplier by +1 - A Straight increase the multiplier by +1 - A Flush...
Domino Cluster
Place dominoes in a grid and attempt to make clusters of like-values & clusters of like-colors. Dominoes come in three colors - red, blue & black. Blanks are wild and will match any color or value. A cluster is a set of half-dominoes where each piece in the set is adjacent to at least one other dice in the set.
Domineering - A Game of No Chance
DOMINEERING is a thinking game. Players alternate placing tiles on a chessboard, one player placing horizontal tiles the other placing vertical tiles. The object is to be the last player to move. Play against the computer in easy, hard or expert mode. Play versus a human using pass-and-play. DOMINEERING is pure strategy. No luck, no dice, no chance.
Bunker Solitaire
In Bunker games you try to get all the cards onto the tableau which builds in mixed suit. All four versions are free-to-play, no in-app purchases. Bunker can be played with an incomplete deck, although we always play with a full deck. Supposedly it got its name because soldiers in bunkers often had incomplete decks of cards so they would play this game. Bunker - No cache spots. Bunker 2 - Two cache spots. Bunker 4 - Four cache spots.