Berk Yuksel

Игры и приложения для Apple iPhone, iPad от разработчика для iOS: Berk Yuksel

Kings: The Last Man Standing Wins
Game of extraordinary parties. Play Responsibly.
Draw the shapes engraved on falling meteors to blast them. Keep the meteors from reaching the ground for as long as possible. Blast'em all! Because it is fun.
Portraitype is an original way to share your stories. Sometimes thousand words fall short of telling the story of a single portrait. And sometimes thousand pictures fail to satisfy the impact of a single word. Portraitype lets you combine both and create typographic portraits to make your statement. 1. Pick a photo from camera, photo library or your Facebook account. 2. Enter and edit your story. 3. Portraitype! Portraits used...
Welcome to glorious kingdom of Welfed. It is extremely important for the citizens of this kingdom to succeed in Annual Welfed Contest . Destiny of your family depends on you!. All you have to do is to feed your Cakemon in best way. Always keep in mind that he only eats cake and very selective about it. Are you going to be able to succeed with this? ( Warning: Playing this game periodically will remarkably sharpen your visual memory . It...