Игры и приложения для Apple iPhone, iPad от разработчика для iOS: AKIRA IWAi

Create notes wallpaper for your lock screen. - Contain Some Background Images - RGB Slider for background color - Share from Notes App without MemoCreate launching
SwimWatchPlus for Watch - Save Swimming Workout
SwimWatchPlus can save Swimming Workout to Health app by using Apple Watch. Weight data is required for calculating calorie burned. (SwimWatchPlus automatically load your weight data from Health App.) *SwimWatchPlus is using HealthKit to save workouts. Please look Privacy Policy Site. http://airwireproducts.web.fc2.com/policy/SwimWatchPlus_policy.html
WeightPlus Add Body mass Data for Apple Watch
Thanks for - App store(Japan) "Healthcare&Fitness category Rank.6"
 App store(United Kingdom) "Healthcare&Fitness category Rank.11"
 App store(Italia) "Healthcare&Fitness category Rank.10"
 App store(Indonesia) "Healthcare&Fitness category Rank.7"
 Weight+ can register Body mass data Point to Health app for Apple Watch. Features - Add Weight and Body Fat Percentage by using your WATCH - Sophisticated UI for Digital Crown...
Weight Register Plus -Simple Bodymass Registration
Weight Register Plus can register your body mass data to Health App Simply.
WatchLyrics - Display Song Lyrics for Apple Watch
WatchLyrics displays lyrics of the music that is currently playing to Apple Watch. This app corresponds to the acquisition of the lyrics information that has been added using iTunes on your PC. To use the music from Apple Music, You need to register the lyrics information did on "Enable iCloud music library." *By reason of copyright issues, does not have the ability to get the lyrics through the Internet.
Трейс его! - Трассировка Ваш любимый персонаж
Thanks for - App store(Japan) "Utility category Rank.13"
 'Трейс его!' это приложение, которое используется в качестве таблицы трассировки Ipad проследить любимую фотографию! Выберите картинку со своего Camera Roll Блокировка экрана, устраивая изображение....
TextNote : Note Widget on Notification Center
Thanks for - App store(South Korea) "Productivity category Rank.1"
 TextNote can be displayed text on 8 Notification Center easily. App option(Remove Ads,etc...) - Tap [TextNote] Logo at the Top of screen. - Auto Save(v1.1.2〜)
StepsWatch - Today's Step Count for Watch
StepsWatch can display today step count to your watch.
SkyCamND : ND Grads Camera
"SkyCamND" simulated Graduated neutral density filter. The graduated neutral density filter is a special filter that landscape photographer professional use. Lower the exposure with a gradient filter, representing the bright sky. You can take to clean the photos you end up "overexposed". By the detection of two-point exposure, this app will simulate a graduated ND Filter. You can edit Transparency,Ratio,and Position of the...
Pedometer Widget for Notification Center
Pedometer Widget show today step count on Notification center.
Ninja Player
Ninja Player is File Viewer with environment sound. Play music,movie and web browsing with Mic feedback. This APP gives "Hearable" Content viewing. Features - Play Music from your Library - Play Movie from use to iTunes file Sharing ,and Other Apps transferring. - Useful WEB Browser !CAUTION! This app is not necessarily intended to guarantee your safety.
NightSurfing : Dark Night Web Browser
"NightSurfing" это веб-браузер на время удобную ночь. Позволяет просматривать более низкой освещенности, за счет реализации ползунок яркости. Реализация интуитивно салфетки. Поддержка полного экрана просмотра. Пожалуйста, дорожите своим...
Michi -From That Day- for Apple Watch
Thanks for - App store(Japan) "Lifestyle category Rank.15"
 *Michi means *Way in Japanese. By this Application,You can see the way you have been walking. Features - Multiple events registration - Auto unit selection - Easily viewable UI - Push notification
MANTARAY - Auto Scroll WEB Browser
MANTARAY is Auto Scrolling WEB Browser. Use this browser when you can't use your hand(for example,At lunch). - Auto Scroll (Speed Adjustment) - Night mode(Brightness Adjustment) - Loop Scrolling(for digital display,digital signage) - Auto Scroll in Twitter(Please login by using browser)
Login Logger
Login logger is monitor peeping on your device. This app logs a date,a location and entered passcode on launching. 1 hour later, send Notification on yourself. This app use Local Notification not Push Notification. Check your app launching information by third person. *Doesn't send user's information to external server.
Feedback Recorder - Audio Recorder with Feedback
Thanks for - App store(Japan) "Utility category Rank.17(iPad)"
 App store(France) "Utility category Rank.26(iPad)"
 Feedback Recorder is a audio recorder that can checking the input audio in real time. This app will show an effect by connecting the Earphones(Headphones) Can be recording while checking your voice. Recommend this app to Vocal recording,Voice training and Lessons. Provides certain recording by checking recording...
ClapperPod SPEED -Drawable Clapperboard-
Thanks for - App store(South Korea) "Photo&Video category Rank.5"
 App store(Italy) "Photo&Video category Rank.10"
 App store(Japan) "Photo&Video category Rank.12"
 ClapperPod SPEED is Drawable ClapperBoard Features - Drawable ClapperBoard - Multiple Templete - Clap Animation - Automatically Loaded Time Display
ClapperPod SP -Drawable Clapperboard- for iPhone
ClapperPod SPEED is Drawable ClapperBoard Features - Optimized for iPhone 6 Plus (also others) - Drawable ClapperBoard - Multiple Templete - Clap Animation - Automatically Loaded Time Display
ClapperPod HD - Professional ClapperBoard
Thanks for - App store(Italy) "Photo&Video category Rank.6"
 App store(China) "Photo&Video category Rank.5"
 * для всех производитель изображений * ClapperPod это хлопушка + запись листов приложений. Пожалуйста, используйте его для того, чтобы записать в месте семинаре изображения. Возьмите...
Check'on Peeping
If your boyfriend have peeped your iPhone ... Such you are safe if put this application! This application, you can check that who peeped the iPhone. "what's this app?" This app will be effective when it is peep! Take a photo to face the moment you start the application. Password entry screen that appears on the screen is fake. Also if you lock the iPhone ,it is very effective. Password who tried also are recorded, you can...
BPPlus for Apple Watch Add BP Data to Health APP
App store(Japan) "Healthcare&Fitness category Rank.37"
 Blood Pressure+ can be register Blood Pressure data Point to Health app for Apple Watch. Features - Add Blood Pressure Data by using your WATCH - Sophisticated UI for Digital Crown ※Apple Watch do not have a mechanism for measuring blood pressure. BP+ is an app to register the measured value. ※Apple Watch supported by later than iPhone5 models.Previous models than...
Infinite Loop Player - for digital signage
Play your Video infinitely. Import Video - From Camera Roll - By iTunes File Sharing In order to play video with FullHD(1920x1080),Use iTunes File Sharing.
Heisei Widget Japasese Era on Notification Center
Heisei Widget displays Japanese Period on Notification Center.
ClapperPod -DigitalSlate- Movie Clapperboard
*Для Всего Производителя Образа* Clapperpod clapperboard+запись применение листа. Пожалуйста используйте это для того, чтобы зарегистрируйте в месте мастерской образа. Возьмите контроль вашего производства фильма. Editable Пункт, Запись Берет Dist. Запись...
ChecksWidget Checklist Widget Notification Center
"Checking Tasks without opening the app. That's very convenient" - Appliv reviews ChecksWidget is a checklist widget on Notification Center. (Also Support Apple Watch!) You can always access checklist.(when launching other apps,on Lock screen...) Note: Notification center has limitation of the displaying areas. · IPhone 6s (6s Plus): up to 12 items - iPhone 5: up to 10 item · IPhone 4S: up to 8 items · IPad Air: up to 12 items...
Checksheet App -Symbolix.-
Symbolix. is a check sheet application. Create Flexible check sheet that has max 100 cells. - 10x10,25x4,2x40...Depending on the application. Flexible editable sheet. - add an item - edit title - move - delete - exchange the rows and columns Some icon sets are included. - checkmark - marks - tally marks Rich functionality of other - Load other sheet's items(copy) - Export,Import sheet (using iTunes) -...