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Kitchen What's Different
Kitchen is the place where we can prepare our favorite dishes by adding so many flavors. Do you want to see the beautiful kitchen? Play this spot the differences and find out errors in your beautiful kitchen.
Kitchen Escape 2
Mr. Jacob the famous cook of Desert Hotel. He got an order to prepare Bourbon Chicken, so he started to prepare the recipe. Within few minutes he completed the recipe. He started to present the recipe with garnishing work. He went to serve the recipe to the customer. He opened the door, but he was not able to open the door. Then he realized that someone trapped him inside the kitchen.He needs to give the recipe to the customer...
Kissing Bridies
This is a bird kissing game…. This game will help you to relax in busy working hours… The cute little birdies are sitting on the tree to express their love with romantic kisses to each other. But the lovable birds are worried about the angle and their chicks will notice them. Why don't you alert them at time of disturbance? So that they can enjoy the romantic kisses. Be alert with timer also. This cute, romantic game...
Kids Room Spot Differences
Kids room will always be surrounded with toys and games. Comparing with other rooms, kids room is the nicest place to be because of the toys. Kids will enjoy this game by seeing their rooms in games. "Spot the Difference" is the nice game for kids to play and acknowledge things. The room is the place where you can be so comfortable. So, kids hurry up to install this game to see beautiful kids room.
Kids Room Escape
My two kids Cristal and Ebony were playing in their room. So I left them and went to shop for getting groceries. Cristal was playing with Ebony’s cute pink doll. Ebony didn’t notice that doll, once she saw Cristal playing with that doll she got anger. Ebony asked that doll to Cristal but she refused to give it. So Ebony got anger and locked Cristal in the room. Now Cristal got trapped inside the room. That kid needs your help...
Kids Park Hidden Differences
Kids Park is the best place for children to play and spend time in it. Kids will get ready if we say "Park" likewise they will be ready to play this game because the game is full of "Park" photos. So, Install this game for your kid to enjoy and develop their skill knowledge. Have Fun Children's!!
Дети Math маньяк
Привет родителям! Вы беспокоитесь о мозге умения вашего ребенка? Является ли ваши дети продолжают тратить время на игры в одиночку? Нет необходимости беспокоиться ... Мы придумали решение. Он подходит как ваша потребность и ваши дети...
Kids Kiss
Two families are gone out door at the time of school vacation with their naughty kids. They are enjoying the vacation at the beach side, shopping etc…These two kids are playing for kiss each other, but they have some troubles to play the game. Help the kids to enjoy the game without any disturbance by alerting them.
Kids Games Picnic Day
Rita and her brother Sam planned to go for a picnic in the weekend. So Rita decides to get some sandwiches, cake and more with her. Help Rita to prepare Sandwich and pack things. At the picnic spot monkeys snatch Rita's food. Enjoy with them at the picnic.
Kids Games Melisa Day
Girls!! Melisa calls to a help to get ready for her picnic day. She needs to buy items for the picnic, pack her things and at last enjoy in her favorite spot and help her by seeing her needs. Make her happy and have an eye on bee because they will steal the foods. Enjoy with Melisa in the picnic and don’t forget to make her happy.
Kids Game Thanksgiving Party
Help little one to host for a Thanksgiving party at home. Make attractive invitations, snacks necessary for the party. Also get her dressed up for the party and treat the guest in the best way.
Kids Game Baby At Preschool
Zoe goes to her first day kindergarten. She needs your help to get ready to the kindergarten by bathing and feeding her. Also help her in the kindergarten by playing and studying with her. Make her happy by providing her needs. Have fun!!
Kids Fun Face Art
The Family wanted to go for a day to a party with an incredible face art. Before going to the party, they wanted to do the face art. So, they have come here by asking a help from you. Prove your painting skill by giving them the best art.
Kid Skin Care Doctor
This little girl is suffering with skin problem She has come to the skin doctor for treatment Here you are the doctor; treat skin problems, remove the pimples and germs. Treat all the injuries in the skin. Give back her clear skin.
Kevin Escape
Kevin, a naughty kid. His parents went to new year party, they left Kevin in home. Its all because of his naughtiness. But this kid wants to join the new year party. He seeks your help. Will you help him? If so , Just guide Kevin to collect the items , After he complete collecting the items . Just correlate all the items logically or illogically to create a parachute. By using the parachute help Kevin to escape! The rules...
Каратэ-мастеру дом бежать
Аки, прилежный мальчик, любит боевые искусства. Так он пришел в школу каратэ. Его мастеру был впечатлен его страсть и преданность к каратэ. Он решил проверить интеллект Аки. Итак, в один прекрасный день он пригласил Аки в свой дом. Он запер Аки...
Junior Room Escape
Today is a pathetic day for Riya. Riya and her friends planned to go for the movie by bunking the college. As per plan she went to get ready. At that time she got call from her friend. Riya’s mom took the call and came to know about her plan. Her mom wants Riya to be in home. So she locked Riya inside the room and went out. Riya’s friends were waiting for her in theater. So please help her to escape from this room and...
Juice Bar Escape
In the late night, I got a call from girl friend. She told in a chill voice, “Need to meet you, come to your spot”. Our usual meeting spot is the juice bar in the highway. She never spoke before like this. I rushed to the spot with lot of confusion. When I stepped inside, no one is there. A big slam, the door gets locked automatically. I got trapped inside this juice bar. Help me to escape…
Joyful New Year Escape
Jonathan and lia were true lovers. They were in love for past 10 years. They planned to stay together on New Year night. So they came outing for a mall. Suddenly a stranger rushes to the spot and kidnaps lia. The kidnapper traps her in a spooky house. Help Jonathan to save lia He can’t live without lia. Help him to find the clues and relieve her from the kidnapper. Unite the lovers giving them a happy beginning of this New...
Japanese Room Escape
There is an odd rumor going about this Japanese room. My friends said that no one can escape from this room once they enter. It sounds like a ghost story! With over confidence I bet my friends and came. But there aren't any houses in the neighborhood. When I stepped inside the room, the door got locked automatically. I came with self-confidence but now I was not able to go out. If I didn’t go outside, my image will get...
Italian Meatballs
This is a great dish for Housewives and working ladies. You might thinking what to prepare for dinner so, here we have brought this game to help. Install this game to have a great dinner a day. Cook it, Eat it and Enjoy it.
Island Beach Escape
The boat I was on has exploded and sank I was thrown by the massive waves. When I open my eyes, I was in an uninhabited island. It is a deserted beach; the human civilization might have vanished decades before. But they have left some necessary items which helps me to escape. There's hardly any food either. I have to escape else I will die here. I have to use my wits to escape!
Infant Room Escape
Imagine you are trapped inside an infant room Somehow you want to escape from here Use clues and objects to escape from here.
Ice Room Escape
This is very unfortunate… I went to my aunt home in the city. This is my first visit. I had great time with my cousins. They took me to a theme park. I enjoyed each and every ride. I went into an ice room. It is chill and classy. But, unfortunately the door gets locked automatically. I got trapped alone in this room. Now I have to escape from this ice room by solving puzzles. Your task is to escape from this ice room....
Ice cream Shop Escape1
The owner left the shop giving key to his one of the worker Now he is alone at the shop While leaving he notice that key is missing Help the boy to search for key.
Hunter House Escape
A small boy was kidnapped by a gang and trapped in this wooden house. They have demanded his parents for money. They left this boy all alone in this wooden house. He is crying constantly… Show pity on him. Help this little boy to escape from this wooden house. Here a hint for you Collect all the marbles and make use of the mice. They will help you to find the key.
Hungry Bug Rider
Help the lady bug to eat its food without collide with other insects and gain scores. Touch on the glowing spot so that the bug moves towards the food. Beware you don’t have another life to play if bug collide with other insects. Complete all the levels and win the game.
Hungry Animals
Hi kids!! Hungry Animal is a skill game. Are you hungry….? Let’s have something healthy and play our yummy game. These poor forest animals are very tired and hungry they are searching a good restaurant for a long time to full fill their starvation. Finally they found your restaurant and looking for healthy food… Serve them with love and care… The desired food will be display beyond the animals head. Search and serve the exact...
Hued Apartment Escape
Charles love challenges and excitements every day in life. He loves to do experiments. All day ended with thrill and joy. To test his ability, his father locked him in a logical room and challenged to escape. This is a simple task to him, but something is tricky in that room. Your task is to help Charles to escape from the logical room. It is a room full of puzzles and tricks. You need to think and act wisely. Collect all...
Houseboy Escape
The House owner and wife go to a party after instructing the houseboy to look after the house. The greedy houseboy steals all the valuables and when he is ready to leave, he realizes that he is not aware of the code to open the door. Now he has to find the code to open the digital lock and escape.
House Clean Up
Mom told me that she is away from the house and I must clean up all the room before she come back. Oh,that is biggest problem for me because we have many rooms. I do not know what to do. Can you help me? Features: •Entertaining game for all age groups •Supports both phone and tab •Be careful, it’s extremely addictive If you like this Game, don’t forget to rate us!! Also Leave your Comments, this will...
Hotel Car Parking
You have been to hotel with your friends. You are stuck up in the traffic so your parking place was occupied by someone else. So, now you need to park your car in the remaining empty place. Park your car before someone occupy.
Hot Blackcurrant Punch Recipe
Do you like punch??? In this cooking game you will learn how to prepare "Hot Blackcurrant Punch". Add your favorite orange juice with blackcurrant which will get you a tasty flavor. This hot recipe will give you a nice punch in your summer holiday.
Hospital Escape
A doctor mistake me and locked me inside the mental hospital I don’t know how to get out from this hospital You are the only to save me Help me to come out from here.
Побег из ужасов замка
Увлекаюсь побега игр .. Здесь ужасах основанные побег игры исключительно для Вас ... Не пугайтесь .. Наслаждайтесь и получайте удовольствие!! ОСОБЕННОСТИ: • Различные тематические BG • головоломки ум гибки • Креативная концепция •...
Horrible Halloween House Escape
Dr.Helen grey is a famous archeologist in the town. She is very keen in doing researches about haunted places. During her research, she came to know about a haunted house in the country side. When she stepped into the house, the door locked automatically The horrible Halloween house consists of number of clues within it. Your task is to help the archeologist to identify the clues and coordinate them logically to have GREAT...