Greg Minter

Игры и приложения для Apple iPhone, iPad от разработчика для iOS: Greg Minter

LogMe Work Logger
LogMe is a work logging app for iOS. Add your clients and hourly wages and start tracking your hours. Features: - Support for multiple clients with different wages - Record your work while you work -- a button to start and stop tracking logs - Add logs that happened in the past - View list of past logs - Track work hours in the background
Fantasy Football DraftMetrics
Dominate your Fantasy Football league with DraftMetrics. DraftMetrics suggests the optimal player for you each pick of your draft, so you can walk away with your dream team. With DraftMetrics Preview, you can take a look rounds in advance and see the best players likely to be available. The DraftMetrics algorithm calculates the best position for each of your picks and takes into account who other owners will draft. DraftMetrics allows...