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Разработчик: Ajaysinh Jadeja

Blah button is the best addictive game in your iPhone and iPad. Yes this one is going to boom your device with the tapping addiction.

Its best concentration game in the stores for you and your kids as well. Play with it in your spare time and I bet you are not going to go anywhere before completing the last level in the game.

Yes this is the addiction for everyone, for kids and adults as well. So you are going to have bunch of fun in one package. Different playing modes available for you to have different plying environment every time so it will grab your interest.

Challenge mode allow you to tap on the Button for 15 seconds. How many taps can you achieve in 15 seconds. It will be real challenge for you.
Arcade more gives you 12 levels of pure addiction. Every time tapping target will be increased and your concentration and addiction will also get increased.
Tap out mode gives you 15 seconds plus when you achieve 100 taps before you run out of time.

You we are providing you a package not a game. And with full of fun spare time addiction.

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