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Разработчик: Bankforyou Limited

Bank4You is simple, reliable and easy to use mobile banking application. We provide high quality service and our customers have the unique opportunity to receive online support. Our customers trust us to digitize their passport details and utility bills, while we provide them with high-quality and convenient banking. Order a TaxFree card within the app for tax free shopping in EU!

- Daily banking for your accounts in one place with 1 secure log-in
- Convenient view of your recent transaction history on the card and your balance
- Detailed view of a transaction: amount and currency, place of fulfilment and category
- Money transfer from card to card to someone new or someone you’ve paid before
- Ability to select, order and activate a prepaid card directly in a mobile application (you can pay using PayPal or another card)
- Need help? Use online chat with a Support team

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