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Разработчик: Shenzhen Sailing Electronic Co., Ltd

Lightstory is based on radio frequency technology developed by Bluetooth 4.0 mobile applications, and supporting the use of lights. Connected through the app with the phone, as long as the little phone, that is a variety of wireless control, lighting can be set to different colors according to your needs, in conjunction with different colors of light music, takes you into the colorful world, You experience unexpected scenario play out our wonderful, quickly download it!
Lightstory with lantern after a successful connection can perform the following functions:
Lighting control: by phone APP can control lights switch, brightness, color;
Colorful lighting effect: the phone's built four kinds of colorful lighting effects, to meet your needs in different situations;
Music rhythm: Let the light dance with the music;
Shake: random color, light switch, the next song, with your settings, shake, surprise stand now;
Sleep Assistant: night, sleep diffuse help Hello sleep;
Timing lights: in the morning, bleary-eyed, wake you up.

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