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LOGIX network monitoring solution.

With LOGIX network management tool, you manage servers, workstations and devices from a unique and user friendly Dashboard. You are alerted 24/7 by email and/or SMS and therefore you are able to anticipate critical issues.

Key features and benefits:
- real time monitoring
- 24/7 alerting by email and/or SMS
- ticketing/helpdesk
- customizable and automatic reporting
- remote control via LogMeIn Pro included
- multi-users management
- custom scripts
- patch management
- all-in-one Dashboard
- user-friendly
- easy to use

The app.

You can now enjoy your SaaS IT monitoring Dashboard anywhere thanks to LOGIX app.

The application allows LOGIX users who are away often to manage their customers infrastructure from their mobile.

Thanks to LOGIX mobile app you are able to check and handle alerts for your customers in real time, reboot a server or restart a service.

This mobile app enables the user to deal with most of LOGIX Dashboard actions directly from a smartphone:
- access and deal with tickets
- manage your customers infrastructure
- restart or stop a service
- restart a server
- access servers, workstations and devices pedigrees
- and so on


You must benefit from an existing user account to use this application.

30 days free trial.

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