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Разработчик: Vallic d.o.o.

Drumpinator is funny & satirical political adventures game. Easy to play, classic shooting runner style.

Drumpinator is fictional game character, and does not have anything with Donald Trump.
This game is not made by Russian hackers.


1. Three different missions - United States, China, Russia

2. US mission - Fight Democrats and Republicans, collect Russian hackers (booster)

3. China mission - Stop China industry with exports to USA, collect Uncle Sam (booster), watch of dragons.

4. Russia - avoid CIA / FBI / NSA, Republicans, Democrats, and collect Wikileaks (booster)

5. Avoid / destroy our enemies with tweeting

6. Beware of flying enemy tweets

7. iPhone and iPad compatibile

8. Game is suitable for all ages, even kids. Game does NOT contain any of the following elements: violence, sexual activity or sexual innuendo, nudity, bad language, gambling, promotion or use of drugs, scary scenes.

9. Collect coins, money and oil barrel to have enough money for unlocking missions

10. InApp option for removing ads / buying coins for unlocking mission

Coming soon: Endless mode, Free for All, more mission.

Vladimir Putin approves this game.

Visit our website www.drumpinator.com and follow @Drumpinator on Facebook and Twitter

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