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Разработчик: Geimz Banner Netvork, OOO

How to prevent traffic jams and car accidents in a limited time? Try our new strategic driving game Blocky Rider: Master of Crossroads and you’ll know!
What’s going on here? Maybe it’s some sort of a temporal distortion, because everything is always the same! Same roads, same cars and those terrible traffic jams! Only you can fix this loop! Start up various cars one by one, plough your way controlling them and try to do this right in time! Otherwise you’ll have to be right back where you had started yet!
Think carefully about your moves and mind your previous routes! Control your time, because unfortunately it is limited! Your mission is clear: avoid car accident and every traffic jam in time and you’ll be generously rewarded! It’s a challenge not for your driving but for your strategic skills!
Control car, truck, jeep or bike, mix them up with buses to make your road situation more interesting! Every auto will memorize its path and speed! Earn points for successively done missions, collect coins during the level and buy some more time for each level to solve the problem with traffic!
Blocky Rider: Master of Crossroads features
• Interesting puzzle strategy about traffic
• Different vehicles
• Control the flow of city traffic
• Funny pixel surroundings!
These cars are not going to race, so it’s your chance to make the roads look perfect! Join our Blocky Rider: Master of Crossroads game and have fun!

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