Beefy Excavator Crane Pro: Backhoe Construction - скачать

Разработчик: Zaighum Mahmood

The gameplay is really beautiful with lovely countryside agricultural farm and complete village environment. Enjoy this village farmer simulator with different machines like threshers and seeders to harvest and plow your farm. You have to drive real tractor in fields to harvest your ready crops like wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet etc. Have fun with farming simulation and become the best professional farmer to cultivate your farm land in 2017 . Plow your farm with seeding and drilling machines to earn XPs as reward of farmer.
In this Simulator 2017 you have to do everything a farmer needs to do for his harvest so use the cultivator, plant seeds, water the plant, harvest your crops and sell it. When you have sold your harvest you will unlock some new ground what needs your farming skills
Every stage of farming is a mission in this farm simulator, so you can do a lot of stages.
Not only will you drive in your tractor you will use for the harvest a combine

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