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Разработчик: Vaibhav Mishra

The application is used along with the Manager application.

Using this application the accounting data from the Busy accounting software can be viewed on the iPhone/iPad.

To make this application work enter the license key, password and your mobile number to in the settings screen and you are ready to view busy reports.

The application allows the following reports viewing:

1. Dashboard
It contains the current balances

2. Cash Flow
Shows all the cash transactions

3. Sundry Creditors
Shows ledger of all the creditors

4. Sundry Debtors
Shows ledger of all the debtors

5. Ledger
List of all the ledger accounts

6. Bills Receivables
List of all the ledger receivables accounts

7. Current Stock
List of all inventory items with their stock details.

8. Contact
List of all the contacts.

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