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“Macao Sailings” is an application, developed by the Marine and Water Bureau of the Macao SAR, which aims to provide information about sailings and ferry terminals for citizens and tourists via mobile device. Its main features include:
• Real time sailings – provides information on real time arriving and departing sailings at each ferry terminal.
• Sailing schedule – provides sailing schedule of each regular ferry route
• Cruise – provides sailing schedule of cruise and its brief introduction
• Real time maritime traffic - provides real time maritime traffic camera views of all terminals
• About the terminals – provides information on shops, ticket office, restaurants and services available in the terminals
• Tides – provides real time tidal heights and allows users to search for predicted tidal heights in the past and coming six months
• News – provides special announcements about real time maritime traffic, such as information regarding typhoon, foggy weather, maritime traffic control etc

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