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Разработчик: MmpApps Corp.

BIRTH CONTROL is a whimsical game about the moment of conception.

You play an Egg desperate not to be impregnated by a swarm of persistent Sperm. All you have is your wits and The Pill. Good luck.

BIRTH CONTROL is a turn based strategy game. All the levels are free. No in-app purchase just level after level of fun.

Move the Egg to avoid the Sperm and collect Birth Control Pills to be used against them. By moving the Egg strategically you can make the Sperm collide or run into Birth Control Pills. Once per level you can also POP to a new random location. Best to save that for when things look grim. If you can make all the Sperm on a level either collide with each other or zap them with The Pill then you advance to the next level but every level there are more and more sperm.

Includes an interactive tutorial to help you learn the strategies.

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