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Разработчик: BUFFALO INC.

"MiniStation Air2" lets you easily access photos, videos, and music on your MiniStation Air wireless portable hard drive.

Compatible Product:
HDW-PDU3 Series

- Stream Multimedia: Stream photos, videos, and music from the MiniStation Air without downloading.
- Play Local Files: View photos and play videos and music on your iOS device.
- Upload/Download: Transfer photos, videos, and music files between your iOS device and the MiniStation Air.
- Auto Upload: New photos saved in your iOS device are uploaded to the MiniStation Air automatically.
- Thumbnail VIew: Browse photos, videos, and music with thumbnails.
- Play Music in the Background: Open any apps while playing music in the background.
- Slideshow: Display a slideshow of your photos like a digital photo frame.
- Wi-Fi Passthrough: Enjoy the Internet and access the MiniStation Air at the same time by connecting the MiniStation Air to a Wi-Fi network like your home router or hotspot.
- Open with Other Apps: Documents like pdf, Office, and text files can be opened with other apps.

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