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Разработчик: Drostar Digital Inc.

Tap the birds to knock them out of the sky in this fun, fast paced game. Be quick because more are coming fast. Use dynamite to blast them quicker! Learn the different techniques for clearing all 27 levels!

Build up a trophy collection to impress your friends on the leaderboard or trade them in for more dynamite to blast even more birds!

Each level has a unique combination of birds and timing. Learn the tricks needed to pass the all the levels. If a level is too difficult, trade in some trophies for dynamite. The dynamite can be dragged from your inventory box into the play area to detonate the dynamite and blast all birds nearby.

This isn’t your typical duck hunting game where you are just some duck hunter on a duck hunt. You are much more than that. You are a BIRDY BLASTER! So have a blast at it!

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