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Разработчик: Ahmet OZCAN

Mipatek KML Viewer application AutoCAD, NetCAD, drawing you created in programs such as ArcGIS WGS84 Datum you get output in accordance with the 6 ° UTM system can display KML or KMZ files on the device. Prepared drawings (zoning plan is built, the site plan and so on.) Application in case you want to check your location by seeing the place or drawings can not move your computer, you can use very easily.

With directions feature in application you can receive detailed description of the route between your location and KML or KMZ file position.

Professionals can use the Application:

- Architects
- Urbanist
- Survey Engineer
- Environmental Engineer
- Forest Engineer
- Mining Engineer
- Electrical Engineer

Our CAD and GIS-based applications running Although the primary user of the above professional experts are available for all specialties.

You can add KML or KMZ files from other apps (such as Mail) or connecting your device to your computer via USB to install applications can use the file sharing application from iTunes or in the "Start Server" You can use your FTP or HTTP client then tap the button.

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