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Разработчик: Tobias Wiedenmann

MiniStats allows you to check your data usage and the status of your phone.

Your mobile data usage at a glance on your iPhone, your Apple Watch or in the widget.
Stop being afraid about your data cap and instantly recognize if you're running out of data with the ring chart.

Ever wondered how much battery life your phone has left and wished you can check it from your wrist?
Want to see your phone's connectivity without taking it out of the pocket?

Then MiniStats is the app you need.

• Mobile Data Usage counter
• Works with all carriers
• Notifications
• Current transfer speeds
• Monthly / 30days / weekly / daily plans
• Statistic for last days
• Connected WiFi network
• Mobile connection type (3G, LTE, …)
• Battery state of your phone
• Free disk space

See whether your connection has stalled or is still transfering data, when your phone seems to be loading forever.

Use it as a speed-meter to see how fast another app is loading over your current connection.

Check from the living room whether your phone, plugged in in the office, already finished charging.

Receive notifications when a specific amount of your data volume is reached

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