Игры и приложения для iOS из категории Игры (стр.: 7)
Drawing Color Paint Animal Game Edition
New starter coloring book there are extra pictures of cartoons just a simple great easy to use coloring book Free game for toddler, kids, boy, girl or children. Education about color and imagine to develop skills and creativity for children games, painting, who can teach children to learn and develop their skills in the selection of colors. Play the game with their parents and family. To strengthen the relationship between painting and...
DeadDoll Pro
***NO ADS*** This game is not like the rest... It's hard and entertaining at the same time. Going to the toilet? Need something to ease your mind? Take this with you, you won't regret it. What's the game about? It's simple and addicting, guide the falling stickman by tilting your phone and try to avoid obstacles. You can loose a limb though before dying, but only one. Oh, and the ragdoll physics only makes things more fun.
Bubble Bang Bang!
A simple game with a lot of fun, with bubbles and bangs! Try to keep as long as you can to squeeze all the bubbles and get the best score! And keep an eye to the bombs! 一个简单的小游戏,尽可能长时间的坚持消灭所有泡泡。小心不要碰触到炸弹哦!
Alien Ambush - Alien Shooting Game
Aliens are attacking! Get out your guns and prepare for a fight. In Alien Ambush you must shoot to survive. Aliens have taken someone you love and you must fight to get them back. This will take determination and skill. You must buy and upgrade weapons along the way to take on fierce waves of blood-thirsty aliens. You will be faced with a variety of aliens each different than the last. Take them down and move forward on your journey....
Birdie Swing
Birdie Swing is simple and most addictive game, JUMP accurately from one platform to another and be careful while jumping. Simple controller single touch game. Simply tap the screen to jump and help little BIRD to land safely! Game features: - One touch Controller - Endless game - Leaderboard added - HD graphics 2ebdaaf247
Animals Matching Cards
Test your Animals Matching Cards ! Discover all animals pairs by checking two squares each time. Fun with animals matching game is a great way to improve your retention, matching skills like visual memory, visual retention, mnemonic skills, concentration and cognitive skills! Exercise your retention, mnemonic skills trying to find two same cards. Matching pairs is not only fun but also educational. How to Play:- For each level,...
Ballzzz !!
Контролировать мяч, прикоснувшись к экрану. Избегайте шип и отверстия и пойти так далеко, как вы можете!
Dancing Lasers
Try to complete all the zones in "Dancing Lasers". Watch out for the laser beams and dancing orbs bouncing around.
Симулятор скорой помощи Racing 3D
AMbulance Rescue SImulator Racing is Rescue Game.You are an ambulance driver and need to Race the ambulance in Hilly env to get your practice for the rescue mission in the time of war.
It is a puzzle game in which balls with numbers from 1 to 12 are arranged side by side on the circumference in order. The order of arranging can be clockwise or counterclockwise. You can move inside a pocket by tapping a ball that contains only 1 in 6 pockets. Swiping the edge of the base circle will cause the outer ball to rotate around the circumference. Swiping the center circle will rotate the inner ball and pocket. The rotation angle...
Avenue by Kagin Labs
See if you can beat Dijkstra. Get to the bottom right corner with the smallest sum of numbers.
Basketball Hoop Fever
Basketball Hoop Fever is an simple but very addictive game which base on realistic physics. The quantity of the basketballs is limited,your goal is to shoot them for a better score. Features: -Easy to control, fun for every age players. -Great shooting experience. -Simple but special picture style. -More interesting functions are coming soon.
Стреляющий пузырь динозавров
Маленький динозавр приходит в парк и находит забавную игру, динозавр мог использовать пушку там, чтобы стрелять различными пузырями в небе. Однако, все не так просто, маленький динозавр должен расстрелять их всех, прежде чем у него кончится...
Break space station and space
It is a puzzle game where you must figure out how to escape the spaces. Solve the puzzles and all the hidden objects that you have to use in the spaces in order to advance to the next space. Challenge yourself in this fun, addictive and popular puzzle game. Features: -Addicting mini puzzles -Use logic and outside the box thinking -Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms -Super realistic 3D look and feel -Easy Controls...
Dog Cartoon Math Game Version
Dog Cartoon Math Game Version It is an educational math game for your kids and maybe for everyone for good brain test. Improve your math calculations speed. As the Kids play this fun math game, your kids definitely will calculate faster. ### Unique Features ### - No in-app purchases - Kids friendly app - Simple & east-to-use with beautiful design - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division challenges & after completing that...