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10 новых игр и приложений для iOS (100 новых)
Application de supervision pour automates WAGO. Plus particulièrement destinée aux intégrateurs de solutions de supervision via l'iPhone et des automatismes de laboratoire ou d'enseignement. WagoLink permet de lire et d'écrire avec l'iPhone sur un ou plusieurs automates WAGO accessibles sur Internet, adapté pour la présentation de résultats numériques. Vous devez ajouter un fichier xml dans l'automate dans la partie serveur (dossier...
The WAGO-WebVisu-App operates and monitors automation processes. It monitors the most varying types of applications, including industrial and building automation, and operates exclusively with WAGO controllers, starting from a defined firmware version. Using this app, Websites created with CODESYS Version 2 can be accessed on site or on the go to query a system status or execute a system action. This not only applies to newly created Websites,...
Wagington Mobile App
This is the Official Mobile App for our esteemed Customers of The Wagington Hotel. Our Customers can now monitor their pets through this state-of-the-art application! Situated in the heart of the city below Dempsey Hill in a small village on Loewen Road, surrounded by verdant greenery, tranquility and nature, a heritage standalone old colonial conservation bungalow is transformed into the finest and most luxurious 5 stars pet hotel in...
Wagging Tail
An interactive new app to connect pet lovers to the fantastic world of pets. Find out where you can adopt/buy a pet, find trainers/doctors or even join our community for interesting updates. Wagging Tail Club is a one stop solution to all things related to pets. Woof! Woof! Pet Doctors Find the best veterinary near you along with scores, reviews and directions, within your vicinity. Pet Stores Helps you find pet stores within your...
The best new thing to do at work!! Why watch the clock when you can watch your money pile up? Introducing the new WageWatcher app - a real time app where you can track your daily wages! All you have to do is insert your hourly wage and the app does the rest. Clock in at the beginning of your day or shift and simply press stop when you're done. The app will automatically save your wage history!! Download the app today
Do you need to be motivated because work is boring you? This app will be your aid. Simply enter your hourly wage and watch how your pay is accumulating. The statistics show you how much money you earned the last week, month, or year.
Calculate your time and fare earned during your working time, LIVE! Hystory of all your working times with possibility to specificate date for selecting time intervall.
Wager - Poker Cash Game Tracker
Wager is the easiest way to poker winnings. Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living" -- so track your sessions and learn from them! Figure out what days are the most profitable for you, and which casinos you are the "luckiest" at. Maybe you always lose if you begin after 8pm (alcohol affects decisions!) or maybe you think you're great at 2/5, but the numbers will tell a different story. "For those that grind live Texas...
With Wager you can calculate the return and profit for Accumulators, Trixies, Patents, Yankees, Lucky 15s, Doubles and many more bet types. Each way is also supported. Features: - Simple and clean user interface - Calculate in fractional and decimal odds - Two different stake types Unit and Max Total - Multiple bet slips - Save bet slips Supported Bet Types: - Single - Double - Treble - Trixie - Patent - Lucky 15 - Lucky 31...
Wagenplan schade melden
Snel uw schade afwikkelen zonder schadeformulier? Met behulp van deze gratis app kunt u de schade direct melden. Via de schade app hoeft u de helft aan informatie in te voeren als op het papieren Europees schadeformulier. Afhankelijk van de situatie worden de relevante vragen gesteld. De plaats van het ongeluk worden via GPS plaatsbepaling vastgesteld en de voertuig- en verzekeringgegevens worden automatisch opgehaald. U kunt ook foto’s bij...